Two years ago I’ve created this blog, wishfully- thinking that I can always look into its mirror and see the “ME” in its reflective words.. Today, I am 30 & looking back to my life I think that I have lived a quite wild love-life that is worth to be told!

This space is supposed to work as a self-help tool that keeps me connected to my inner self.. sometimes to yours! Yes, Yours! because in this space ‘All things Human’ will be written, my life will be spelled barefoot in a search for meaning.. And because we are all sort of trapped somewhere – aren’t we?!- Maybe one word can works magic to un-trap you, or myself!

Hence, if any or all of these words- Authentic, Genuine, Real to oneself, Introvert, Love, and/or Passion- sound music to your ears then you know by now that I am eager to have you in my little world..

Welcome to the little space of “ME”


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