Someone I know..

Long Exposure


I’ve grew up too close to her .. known a lot about her extremities not to mention what draws a smile on her face and what makes her heart really aches.. if you knew her well enough you would easily anticipate that one,it is definitely love-less moments of life!

She grew up to be wiser- and that is something you learn only the hard way! Calmer-and that is another thing that you learn while experiencing life toughest moments, because panic will change nothing but will drive You crazy if i may say! but above all else, she grew up to learn one thing by heart and that is being her own self even if that means she’s out of the league!

What would she love to pass to others? “When you’re in bed, you’re dead”


Fearless Fantasies..

“How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?”


Fear.. It’s only in our heads!

That doesn’t say that I am a fearless person. At all. on the contrary!

I’ve always fantasized being one. I can label that thought as ‘a morning ritual’ every single day I wake up and think to myself: “What’s stopping me from being the person I dream of being? What is the one BIG barrier that lies between me & my dream land?” There’s always a one-word answer to all these nagging questions.. FEAR!

Maybe it’s fear of failure. Sometimes it’s fear of success! Yes! success!! I don’t even dare to imagine the more successful version of myself! That is how much fear is captivating me; preventing me from being a writer with a challenging job description, a fashion label owner, and a more outgoing person. Instead, I have to admit, I am an introvert!

That doesn’t mean that I’ve never crossed the self-imposed red line! I did once and it felt AWESOME! it was almost two years ago when I decided, once and for all, to quit my Marketing Career and seek one as a writer! It gives you a certain feeling of assurance that YOU CAN DO IT! because it’s all in our heads!