Insanity Round 9

“Dedicated to Insanity Egypt Team” To the life changers, the Can’t-breakers, trend setters & brain- muscles’ builders … to the most amazing squad… ! Guided by the truth in your hearts, dedication in your minds and genuine love inhibited in your souls acting as path- finders; we became a better version of ourselves! Exceeding our own records became an art that we master an attitude we embrace & a belief we live day to day! The up beating waves of your ethereal beings, grabbed in dreamers, visionaries & all to-be giants together! Creating a one big universal-dream, the ultimate dream after all!-Happiness Rushing endorphin to our brain cells energizing our souls, awakening our minds; Just to get the giant out of us! Today we can see it, feel it live it and love it! 60 days ago, half of me was lost somewhere! Today I am re-born with an iFit icon engraved to my soul iFit to my days, iFit to my dreams, iFit to my own world and at most iFit to my very own self! I don’t have to endure fitting in somewhere else that is not me anymore! Today I am all of me un-cocooned, bearing & daring, loud and outgoing, acting Insane enough to restart my life reinventing its wheel so I can see it the way I love! The way I believe it looks master! Because of you; I’m titanium… 



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