The Feathery pole & I ..

It was already eight past forty post meridiem, when she realized that she was too late for her forever dream! There; she ran in a hurry, started her daily routine of getting well prepared to meet what she aspired the most in life but did the least for …


In front of the rectangular classical shaped mirror located just in front of her apartment’s door… she started grooming her eyebrows close enough to the reality reflective orthodoxical piece of furniture …  beautifying those little unplanned deformations… holding a feathery black wooden pole with her right hand, adding more defining lines to her look.. To her aspired real character.. So she would look a perfect lady for the perfect dream


When in a second that is little as much as an eye glimpse, she pulled back looking to those smooth lines she drew, finding them perfectly drawn  realizing … “for us to define the right path we need not sticking close… rather; stand in farsightedness!” she said, speaking to herself..


فسحة المكان وان كانت ضيقة في اعيننا فهي لأرواحنا نافذة لتطل بعين الحكمة المستبصرة على آمال قد لا نراها و نحن بذاك القرب من أمورنا..فقد يصنع البعد المادي قربا نفسيا ثاقب البصيرة لا ندركه الا عندما نرى كيف استطعنا تدبر الأمر و نحن على تلك المسافة المكانيه



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