The Disturbing Happiness

In an attempt to crush herself with the rocky life .. slaughtering the lying beauty of the realm.. fading herself out of the worldly existence ..unwanting to live the unsmiley days .. She met his divine face in the middle of the ugly reality .. spelling out his life vows.. unchaining/untying the deep, urging bridled love words .. for him she was the world that he always wanted to live in.. to live for .. to live with .. & to live around.. as if she grew up only for him.. as if she unbroken herself into pieces just to be with him .. he just opened up his soul in the right time healing her spirit from  life wounds & tiredness; tiredness that  undrove her even little pieces of happiness..

With him .. and only with him .. she unact like other her .. she was the stringed pearled lavaliere .. it’s a jewel when it’s all together .. and it’s still a worthless jewel when its unstringed..

There is where she gushed out all of her unspoken magnificence .. being more of herself.. more of their selves .. sipping more of life joys.. with unaging beat full hearts.. coloring the picture of the world in their eyes .. the eyes of all surroundings.. planning ahead for a wonderland.. brushing up theunbordered dream

Her simplicity made up her complexity .. this is how he explained her perfectly in words..

This is how he loved her in actions.. this is how he taught her LIFE!

Feb 2011


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