The Deformed wall of soul

Starring straight ahead to her wise- gray, debilitated flabby eyes


Grainy, bumpy & jagged as a tired aged tree bole she was


Never looked the way she used to be!


That was the first time in five years to see her that mangled, distorted, stigmatic & deformed

“How does it happen to me not to see all of this defacement one day? Though I lived with her a kid life time, Day to day; I moved things around, redesign & sing all the empty spaces through, trying to load the white interspaces in her scene & my sight with colorful madness?!!”


Sensibly, judiciously & with highness she replied in shrewd silence “we look up to things the way we are & saddle them what’s inside us”


نحن نمضي بجانب الأشياء .. كل الأشياء و الأشلاء, و لاكننا لا نرى الا في صباحات أنفسنا .. صباحات مظلمة.. ولاكنها توهج بظلمتها و ببريق كبرق السماء أمورا تجاهلتها أنفسنا فجهلناها .. ولاكن عندما آن أوانها علمناها فأضاءت بضآلة حجمها شمسا كانت تسكن أرواحنا ولاكننا كنا قد خبئناها …



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