Me, Myself & I …

Am not the shapeless creature anymore ..

Am not the sound of everyone but me.. Am not them anymore ..

Am not the captivated inside herself ill-defined little maggot ..

I am out of the cocoon I always suppressed my wings within..

I used to gravel life .. now I am flying..

I used to be the talking dumb .. now I am recording my history

I felt chaotic .. but now I am smooth like Nutella on the morning spoon ..

I sounded like a disharmonizing violin in life’s orchestra .. now I am becoming the roaring water runs hard and soft .. it pushes forward to pull back to the surface all of the river’s  hidden

diamonds ..

I am becoming a spectacular flying butterfly ..

I am here to disperse happiness .. coloring reality in rainbows .. creating smiley faces on life’s


what am I becoming? I am becoming… more of me .. the real me

I am becoming the dancing

monstrous butterfly ..


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