Registration thought: I ran to write the 1st words that came into my mind just to register the very inspirational moments I went through

In hurry.. running after my thoughts not to dump me .. in fast pastes .. I took off  the diamonds strussed time machine to spell all today’s, yesterday’s and wishfully tomorrows love moments ..

I am never that passionate but with inspiration .. yah that’s my real superman .. he loves me like know one can .. but he barely come and visit though!..

Pulling my legs heavily.. jumping the stairs .. in wide steps .. thinking .. “uft! Another moments of HAVE TO DO obligatory social crap stuff”.. the moments cheerfully opened their doors .. surprised me smiling in my face.. with crystal clear well organized shiny tooth line .. they smiled letting everything else in me to smile .. and here comes the joyous moments .. when a dying man .. laying in bed .. doing nothing but waiting for the black unknown to take him away.. smiled cheerfully and lovingly saying “Ahlan wa Sahlan Ahlan wa Sahlan” .. when he magically – as per his wife – changed his sleeping position to the setting position.. as  if life suddenly jumped into his face .. his legs .. his arms .. his heart .. into his soul!.. at that moment I felt I was the beam girl who would spread happiness like Santa spreads his Christmas gifts in new years eve!

I filled them with candies .. they filled me with joyous happiness.. & wise!

The wise that take your heart and mind away to look high from heaven’s windows to the reality of life …. The reality behind things! & REALize.. that what you have is way too much than what you’ve lost or even what you don’t have ..

I have a loving compassionate father

I have a yelling mother with soft candy white heart

I have love surrounding me

& I have this moment! .. that transforms my being ..

I loved their moments .. they are rare and special ..

Making someone happy isn’t an easy job ever sense .. but with extreme ease .. they were more than happy! And that was all about it .. little GOOD things really make difference .. big life joys are all originally made by very small ones .. be it a word .. an action .. or a candy bundle!

I’ll never uft about them again..

I’ll always love to go and spread the beams .. I’ll always go and visit ..

I’ll always appreciate the being of my parents .. I’ll always appreciate the LOVE inhibited in ME

& I’ll always remember .. it’s all about small things ..

ME-30th Nov 2010-very inspired- very alive-very innergized ..


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