Insanity Round 9

“Dedicated to Insanity Egypt Team” To the life changers, the Can’t-breakers, trend setters & brain- muscles’ builders … to the most amazing squad… ! Guided by the truth in your hearts, dedication in your minds and genuine love inhibited in your souls acting as path- finders; we became a better version of ourselves! Exceeding our own records became an art that we master an attitude we embrace & a belief we live day to day! The up beating waves of your ethereal beings, grabbed in dreamers, visionaries & all to-be giants together! Creating a one big universal-dream, the ultimate dream after all!-Happiness Rushing endorphin to our brain cells energizing our souls, awakening our minds; Just to get the giant out of us! Today we can see it, feel it live it and love it! 60 days ago, half of me was lost somewhere! Today I am re-born with an iFit icon engraved to my soul iFit to my days, iFit to my dreams, iFit to my own world and at most iFit to my very own self! I don’t have to endure fitting in somewhere else that is not me anymore! Today I am all of me un-cocooned, bearing & daring, loud and outgoing, acting Insane enough to restart my life reinventing its wheel so I can see it the way I love! The way I believe it looks master! Because of you; I’m titanium… 


Celebrating the little things in life ..

In love with today’s morning breeze… waking up to the aroma of MaMa’s just baked pineapples Up-side-Down cake, a flowery shaped pan; whereas in each petal rests a hallow-centered piece of pineapple-a hallowing that adds more!-glazed with melted brown sugar that flows everywhere concentrated all over the edges, so it it shines like a golden medallion looking fluffy with so much dignity to show off with! Pieces of walnuts raced to act as glimmering beauties centralizing each possible lacuna to complete the perfect scene produced masterly by a loving chief … Can you smell that? Isn’t it heaven on earth!!


ابت فرحة العيد الا ان يتخلل نسيمها لقلوب اثقلتها هموم دنياها..فصوت “الله اكبر” تحفل به ماذن بلاد المسلمين ليذكرهم برب كريم هو اكبر من غفير مصائبهم وان ثقلت..

رائحة العود تملا جدران المكان لتجمعنا برباط الذكريات مع من احببنا

ثوب وحذاء ابيضين لرجل قلبه ابيض هو ابي مشهد ينير دربي بنورانية “اللهم نقني من خطاياي كما ينقى الثوب الابيض من الدنس”

ينبعث الامل مع نور الصباح..صباح يوم عيد و عيد في جمعة “فاللهم صلي و سلم على محمد وعلى اله و صحبه و سلم و اجمعنا به في الاخرين”

انتظر امي لاقبل جبينها و اشتم رائحتها فيزداد العيد عيدا و اعلم اني مازلت احيا في رغد العيش تحت ظلها “فاللهم اسعد قلبها”

و تتسلل فرحة العيد بقدرة خالقها تنير قلوب خلق في حب لبارءها “فالله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد” -عيدكم مبارك

The Hidden Dancing Fountain

Have you ever thought of the dancing fountain? How it brings in happiness to our essences!? The way it undulates, sways, struts in front of us…  Its unified boogie stepping drops that goes up then flows down in a planned smooth steadiness, its musical ears that makes it do it perfectly… it surprises us! Keeps us wondering of the HOWs … That’s why!!


 ” And yet it is the unknown with all its disappointments and surprises that is the most enriching”



1st # Fountain: She was just a girl drowned in her massive self thoughts when she received five wholeheartedly words saying “I Owe you a lot…” that when she realized how karmatic things could turn.. weighing those small little actions are not labeled for “nice people” anymore, they are life savers! This is when she turned to be a girl with pride, honor & a life mission to devote…



2nd # Fountain: she got in to the first vacant cap she found, this time forgetting about all her usual “Cap-constraints”, in hurry driving her way to bring out all those crowded devilish thoughts out of her being… that’s how she always beard the lousiness and chaos in her whole living… thinking of those little salty drops coming out of her; taking all those messy moments away… she now heard him talking to her in a dignified/venerable voice expressing his life thoughts about timeless dogmas! Yes, it’s not the time or place but the box is always filled with sweeties! Very well she listened but not denying stealing a whimsical second in analogy, drawing for him a real picture! He wasn’t really a cap driver as much as a real human being! A life-coach who spoke out accountable words of judiciousness, his authenticity was all about him being very rare-alike human! his job perfectly symbolized more of what he is all about as a man, a citizen & a father who in fact “drove” with his by heart- held principles a life of others to an atmospheric spatial residence… she smiled to the day that gave her a story to tell.. gave her an enriching surprise!



3rd # Fountain: in herself she was fading back… she killed those little red strings built inside her,  working them all in and out restless… stubborn in a subtle way at this moment she was… in fact she always was!… for a girl like her giving up her most aspired dreams was not an option to think of but a deed to kill herself to accomplish conversely!…. her little structure was too small to bear the roughness she treated her soul with… there, she broke into a quick scream of a soundly pain…her little body disobeyed but to surrender… here she laid back.. Crying her heart out in peace not because it hurt but because it was stronger than she did!! Stubborn in subtleness I said! In her ethereal aura his sanguine cheerleader heart beat “I ache what puts me in achiness” she locked his words into her memory digesting the always dedication, determination, heartiness and enthusiasm his words carry and his actions confirmed!… he gave her a new self to love and a new shooting star to follow


for all the dancing-fountains moments in my life .. I owe you my wisdom 

The Feathery pole & I ..

It was already eight past forty post meridiem, when she realized that she was too late for her forever dream! There; she ran in a hurry, started her daily routine of getting well prepared to meet what she aspired the most in life but did the least for …


In front of the rectangular classical shaped mirror located just in front of her apartment’s door… she started grooming her eyebrows close enough to the reality reflective orthodoxical piece of furniture …  beautifying those little unplanned deformations… holding a feathery black wooden pole with her right hand, adding more defining lines to her look.. To her aspired real character.. So she would look a perfect lady for the perfect dream


When in a second that is little as much as an eye glimpse, she pulled back looking to those smooth lines she drew, finding them perfectly drawn  realizing … “for us to define the right path we need not sticking close… rather; stand in farsightedness!” she said, speaking to herself..


فسحة المكان وان كانت ضيقة في اعيننا فهي لأرواحنا نافذة لتطل بعين الحكمة المستبصرة على آمال قد لا نراها و نحن بذاك القرب من أمورنا..فقد يصنع البعد المادي قربا نفسيا ثاقب البصيرة لا ندركه الا عندما نرى كيف استطعنا تدبر الأمر و نحن على تلك المسافة المكانيه


The Deformed wall of soul

Starring straight ahead to her wise- gray, debilitated flabby eyes


Grainy, bumpy & jagged as a tired aged tree bole she was


Never looked the way she used to be!


That was the first time in five years to see her that mangled, distorted, stigmatic & deformed

“How does it happen to me not to see all of this defacement one day? Though I lived with her a kid life time, Day to day; I moved things around, redesign & sing all the empty spaces through, trying to load the white interspaces in her scene & my sight with colorful madness?!!”


Sensibly, judiciously & with highness she replied in shrewd silence “we look up to things the way we are & saddle them what’s inside us”


نحن نمضي بجانب الأشياء .. كل الأشياء و الأشلاء, و لاكننا لا نرى الا في صباحات أنفسنا .. صباحات مظلمة.. ولاكنها توهج بظلمتها و ببريق كبرق السماء أمورا تجاهلتها أنفسنا فجهلناها .. ولاكن عندما آن أوانها علمناها فأضاءت بضآلة حجمها شمسا كانت تسكن أرواحنا ولاكننا كنا قد خبئناها …


Untitled by ME..

Guided by morning light, the voice of unconsummated thoughts enraged as a hungry lion in a wild forest dreaming of his prey, ran as fast as an eyeblink facing the addled shining sun light flipping, flicking the voice of the unconscious woke up consciously with no going back a bottle of inertiafuelling infuriated thoughts to speed up fast as the lightning creature, aspiring to settle on the crest long green savanna trees willfully living in a hand crafted heaven of truth, honesty, dignity, clarity & love

& what’s more for the soul to look for?