It feels grey! Gray isn’t a color! At least for me..! And when it feels so, let me be honest with you, I don’t usually take a changing action, I don’t usually search inside the “ME”, but look to what surround it!

Now, I just did something different, I’ve created this so I can always look into its mirror and see the “ME” in its reflective words..

I say no commitment words here; I just say that I’ll always be here when it feels like! That I will always find my way to a real solitude through a due of soul and words…

I don’t usually use full stops… -oh yah! Those are not “a” full stop- full stops are closures! i hate closures!! It tells you that there is an end for the flowing words..! I don’t want to “full stop” I want to live in my et cetera inner word!

Welcome to my little space of “ME”


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