Apart is where I stand today from a story I’ve called a fairytale one past day..!

Apart is a missing dance … a missing chance

Are  all the messy words you said .. all the “US” moments you wasted

Apart is your unreasoned fury … are all your deceitful words

Apart is all your lying silences … all your groans & ugly moans

Is all your mulish anticipations … are all my desperations

Apart are all the empty spaces between “US”… Is the height of the wall you built  just to disconnect US!

Apart is another synonym of heart detachment and soul solitude … a heart aching in silence, tearing drops after undeserved evilness …

Is desperately wishing to undone your injuries …to sore your heart out a superior pain might  it freezes up 

A monotony scene of the girl who un-braided herself repenting a black-dreamed story  

One day we vowed; nothing can get us Image“Apart” but we forgot to write down “ourselves “ … 


It feels grey! Gray isn’t a color! At least for me..! And when it feels so, let me be honest with you, I don’t usually take a changing action, I don’t usually search inside the “ME”, but look to what surround it!

Now, I just did something different, I’ve created this so I can always look into its mirror and see the “ME” in its reflective words..

I say no commitment words here; I just say that I’ll always be here when it feels like! That I will always find my way to a real solitude through a due of soul and words…

I don’t usually use full stops… -oh yah! Those are not “a” full stop- full stops are closures! i hate closures!! It tells you that there is an end for the flowing words..! I don’t want to “full stop” I want to live in my et cetera inner word!

Welcome to my little space of “ME”